Why Knowing Custom 
Printing is Our Specialty.

Consolidated Products Company (CPC) is headquarted in Linwood, New Jersey. We are THE source for all your custom printing needs. We are printing specialists, experts. What makes us experts? How about over 140 years of front office experience in our industry. There’s not a market we haven’t served since our incorporation in 1973. From Fire Door Mfg, to Food & Beverage, to Chemical Packaging, to you name it- we can take care of you.


We have been a UL Recognized Supplier for over 30 years and we work very hard to maintain our knowledge of standards across many different UL Listed Industries. Please follow this link to view a complete menu of our UL Recognized Components MH11691 and make sure to call us if you have any questions about how we can help...

UL label sample

We are a Certified UL label printer and designer.

The end consumer needs to make sure that all products coming to market are safe. That’s why UL® has been around for over 100 years, and we are here to help in that effort. You need a UL® Recognized Label Supplier from which to procure your labels, and we have dozens of listed components to offer.

You’ll always talk to a live
person when you call CPC.

As proud as we are of our knowledge and experience in the printing industry, what’s most important to us is the way we work with you. The “Ease of Doing Business” with us is one of our most attractive qualities (so say our customers!).